moon13 - Re-opening of a famous club in Frankfurt (2)

It was part of the global electronic music history. The owner and founder of the club, Sven Väth, is world famous for his specific, electronic music sound he established and enhanced over years. Nevertheless, the well -known Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, Germany had to close end of 2012. But the spirit and the ideas survived and lead to a re-opening of this famous club under a new name, a new owner and finally a new management: The moon13 opened on March, 1st and continues history.

Many improvements have been made by the new management, so the technical equipment, which has gotten into older years, and has been brought to a modern level now. The management of the moon13 has chosen 4 units of the Pure Micro Series, PM-3200RGB, from Laserworld for their club together with advanced laser control solutions from Phoenix Show Controller and the APC-40 from AKAI as MIDI console. The installation and conception was done by the Laserworld partner Bocatec.

The MOON13 just started over, but the response to the new club concept is great. Is it capable to continue the history of the famous Cocoon club? We will see, but the first nights were more than promising.

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