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Laserworld EL-900RGB
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690.20 €
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The Laserworld EL-900RGB is a complete laser show in one device. It has been designed to especially meet the demands of mobile DJs and smaller nightclubs to fill the whole room and overcome the limits of rather narrow scan angles. 
The EL-900RGB is an RGB show laser system with a total overall output power of up to 900mW and fast step motors with 3-8 kpps. it has four beam apertures with an individual pair of step motors.

Many of the built-in patterns have been programmed in a way that the four laser outlets play well together and fill the whole room, like a multi unit laser show. The curved shape of the unit allows for a very large horizontal deflection angle, so the laser can cover the whole room.

The Laserworld EL-900RGB can be run in sound-to-light, stand alone or DMX mode. It can display many different colors, including white!

The red diode laser module with a wavelength of 650nm, the green DPSS laser module with a wavelength of 532nm and the royal-blue laser module with a wavelenght of 450nm ensure beautiful colors and bright beams. The beam has 3 mm diameter at aperture and a divergence of about 2 mrad. About 50 preset basic patterns, like layers, tunnels, fences, waves etc. are included. Many of them do not output all the same way on all four laser outlets, but some of the x-axis mirrored or modified in a way, that the laser display looks nice and homogenous. 

The sensitivity of the integrated microphone can be adjusted for the soud-to-light signal perception.


  • Built-in laser show pattern arrangement
  • Multi color white light
  • Especially for DJs and small nightclubs
  • With bright 450nm royal blue
Puissance totale typique:
900 mW
Puissance garantie:
800 mW
Puissance rouge:
400 mW / 650 nm
Puissance vert:
150 mW / 532 nm
Puissance bleu:
350 mW / 450 nm
Classe laser:
Spécifications du faisceau:
env. 3 mm / 2 mrad
Source laser:
Diode, DPSS Laser
Modes d'opération:
sound-to-light, stand-alone, DMX
câble électrique, Mode d'emploi, interlock, clés
Alimentation électrique:
85 V - 250 V AC
Poids du produit:
5.5 kg

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