Série Laser Marking

Les systèmes laser pour le marquage laser sont utilisés pour différents types d'applications dans l'industrie et le commerce. Ils peuvent non seulement être utilisés pour le marquage de tracés ou servir de dispositifs de visée, mais aussi pour le guidage de positionnement, par exemple dans le fraisage CNC.
tarm LM-300 CT
tarm LM-300 CT
Floor marking is a common requirement during the preparation of exhibitions, in logistics or various trades. Laser projectors of the Laser Marking Series are well suitable for a variety of marking, aiming or positioning applications. They can be used as fixed install systems or ad mobile laser devices, which is especially handy for applications in trade, where the laser systems are often used for marking appplications at changing locations.

Typical fields of applications:
  • Laser marking
  • Aligning
  • Laser mapping
  • Plot drawing
  • Positioning aid
  • Guidance laser
  • CNC milling
  • Exhibition floor marking
  • Trades and crafts
  • Woodworking
  • Textile industry
  • Building works

The laser systems of this range are at a certain power level that on on the one hand allows for safe operation, but on teh other hand provides sufficient power for optimized visibility of the laser lines.

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