En action : installations et projets multimédias

Les projets multimédias sont des événements ou des installations de divertissement où plusieurs formes de médias, tels que les lasers, l'audio, la vidéo, les lumières, etc. sont incluses. Outre les systèmes laser de spectacle, les spectacles multimédias peuvent être des combinaisons de projections vidéo, de feu, de pyrotechnie, de lumière, de brouillard, de brume, de fontaines, d'écrans d'eau et/ou d'écrans queue de paons (hydroshield). La combinaison de médias pour les projets multimédias dépend des préférences des clients. Les spectacles et installations multimédias sont des éléments importants des projets de spectacles modernes et nos partenaires font confiance à nos produits car ils sont synonymes de puissance élevée, de qualité et d'excellentes spécifications techniques.

Shanghai Astronomy Museum

In July 2020, the world's largest astronomy museum, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, was ceremonially opened in Shanghai. The futuristic-looking, 420,000sqm complex includes an observatory, a planetarium, various exhibitions and a 23-meter-high solar telescope. Laserworld in China and Damai Optoelectronics, together with other well-known partners such as Laserfabrik GmbH, were contracted...Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Multimedia Show in Madrid, Spain (2)

Christmas Multimedia Show Madrid
LM Productions did an overwhelming Christmas multimedia show in Madrid / Spain. Hundreds of spectators were fascinated by a perfect combination of sound, light, video projections and laser beams. They have used 2 RTI Nano Rainbow 20, 2 RTI Piko RGB 14.0 and finally 1 RTI Piko G 10. We would like to thank LM Productions for these great pictures! — Plaza de La Cibeles.Multimedia Show in Madrid, Spain (2)

Castle Tuessling - video and laser mapping (2)

2010 12 Castle Tuessling
In 2010 and 2011 HB-Laser provided a spectacular laser show and multimedia show with video mapping and laser mapping at Castel Tuessling. The front of the castle is about 80m long, which was completely mapped on with video and laser. The shows at Castel Tueesling took place just some days before Christmas, where there was also a big Chistmas market in front of the castle. This...Castle Tuessling - video and laser mapping (2)

Multimedia Installation in Teheran, Iran (2)

2010 06 Holy Defense Museum Teheran
46 strong laser light projectors were ordered for the fixed installation at the Holy Defense Museum in Teheran, Iran. HB-Laser provided LightCube NexGen RGB 3.5W systems. This enormous number of laser systems was controlled by two HB-Laser TITAN workstations over network. The whole project was defined as turn-key solution, so HB-Laser took care of the whole multi media...Multimedia Installation in Teheran, Iran (2)

Heidepark Soltau, Germany - Multimedia Installation (2)

2007 11 Heidepark Soltau
In 2007 the operators of Germany's second largest amusement park, the Heidepark in Soltau, requested a special attraction: a big laser show and multi media show over a lake. The show equipment should be installed on one side of the lake, where the spectators should be on the opposit side. This provided many opportunities when planning and designing the laser show, so the results were awesome:...Heidepark Soltau, Germany - Multimedia...

Multimedia Installation @ Azadi Square Museum, Teheran, Iran (2)

2004 12 Azadi Square Museum
The implementation of a massive show at Azadi Square Museum in Teheran, Iran, was the largest laser and multimedia project installation until that point (2004). The implementation was realized by HB-Laser. This project not only incorporated different laser show parts, but also a variety of different other media that needed to be implemented. HB-Laser provided screen as well as screen...Multimedia Installation @ Azadi Square Museum,...

Schärding, Austria illuminated by a huge multimedia installation (2)

Tourismusverband Schaerding Am Inn Wimmer Thumbnail
Between November 28th 2014 and February 22nd 2015 HB-Laser illuminated parts of the Austrian city Schärding as well as the neighboring German city Neuhaus with a huge multimedia installation. The light installations in the Advent season were different from the shows in January and February. The facades of the buildings were covered with video mapping an video projections. Laser projections...Schärding, Austria illuminated by a huge...