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Laserworld Group and PRO LAB Trading announce new partnership in the Middle East

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The Laserworld Group and PRO LAB Trading LLC have embarked on a new venture to distribute laser systems throughout the Middle East. As one of the key distribution companies in the region for entertainment technology, PRO LAB's well-established network aligns seamlessly with the Laserworld Group's extensive array of laser systems, ranging from basic models to premium-quality lasers.Denis Phoenix, the Sales Director at Laserworld, remarked, "It...

TouchDesigner supports direct output to ShowNET laser mainboards

TouchDesigner, a renowned real-time interactive multimedia content and mapping software tool, has recently integrated direct laser output support for the popular ShowNET laser mainboard. This integration marks a significant advancement in the realm of multimedia and laser show production. ShowNET, a leading mainboard used in numerous laser systems, boasts widespread availability with tens of thousands of interfaces globally.As a node-based...

RTI ANGO 600 - World’s most powerful RGB white light show laser system with moveable beam gets update

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The RTI ANGO 600, world's most powerful RGB white light laser show system with moveable beam and more than 600W pure laser power, gets an important feature upgrade to improve transportability and flexibility of use. The 2023 version of the ANGO comes as split version, meaning that the AC unit can be split from the actual laser device, being just connected by the two hoses for the cooling liquid and the control connection. This also applies to...

RTI NEO 12 laser beam array with scanning systems released

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With the release of the RTI NEO 12, the very successful RTI NEO 6 got a powerful sibling. RTI NEO 6 has been the first laser beam array bar with scanners in the world, and the demand for the same durability and build quality but with higher powers came up over the years. With the RTI NEO 12 this demand is satisfied: With 12W power this laser beam array bar with scanners is nearly eight times as powerful as the NEO 6. It has a color balance of 6...

Tarm releases Professional Outdoor Laser Series

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Professional projection mapping, projections or advertising with lasers requires precise and durable equipment. Tarm just released their new Outdoor Series, which was especially designed to cater for these demanding applications. With the IP65 waterproof housing, the tarm Outdoor lasers are perfectly suitable for any kind of outdoor use – primarily fixed installations but also mobile use. The tarm Outdoor laser range is available as - tarm 3...

Laserworld CS-24.000RGB FX laser released - powerful laser for a budget

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We just released the powerful Laserworld CS-24.000RGB FX, which is a 22W show laser light system with an additional integrated effects grating wheel. The CS-24.000RGB FX is an analog modulated laser and thus can create hundreds of different colors, including white. It is capable of doing basic graphics due to the fast scanners, but it’s main field of application are large nightclubs, smaller festivals or small concerts. The Laserworld...

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