Laserworld CS-500RGB KeyTEX in ILDA control mode | Laserworld

The Laserworld CS-500RGB KeyTEX is not only controllable via DMX, Keyboard, Auto-Mode and Sound-to-light but also via computer control (ILDA)! The previous model, the EL-500RGB KeyTEX, already provided a lot of differentc ontrol options, but the Laserworld CS-500RGB KeyTEX is far superior, with the new control mode and improved scanner systems. In this video we show the new ILDA control mode, which is new to this unit. In addition to the computer control option, this laser can be operated in stand-alone mode, sound-to-light mode, DMX mode, text mode, and in clock mode. The laser also includes a keyboard for directly writing custom texts! The Laserworld CS-500RGB KeyTEX is an extremely versatile unit - learn more here: #laserworld #cs500rgb #clubseries #laser #lasershow #textlaser #dmx #ilda #computercontrol

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